Investment opportunities

The aim of VESSAN Invest is to provide and realize the investment strategy and the process of preparation, erection and operation of constructions. VESSAN Invest characterizes real development as a combination of creative ideas, marketing analysis, statistical surveys and detail accounting. Successful realization of previous projects by the real agency VESSAN Reality is valuable profit in our company strategy. Every project is unique and will be realized according to individual scheme arranged by the professional architects in cooperation with experts in project management. The right chosen investment strategy with VESSAN Invest brings to our investors positive financial benefits as a stable economic income

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1 Real estate investing offer

The combination of statistical survey analysis and the monitoring of consumer preferences helps to draw the realistic market situation. The demand can be various from land investment for housing complex, through cottage complex, shopping centers to reconstructed public houses. Our supply is always a reaction on the consumer preferences as a guarantee of positive fanatical impact for our investors

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2 Financial cost analysis and build of a Financial Model

The creation of the Financial Model helps to indicate the value of a business investment and risks. Later it helps to reach a certain valuation and optimal financial budget for future positive financial impact

3 Due Diligence and legal designation for the ownership of property

Providing of accounting and law auditing services. The fast and professional legal designation for the ownership of property according to the legal order of Czech Republic and project aims.

4 The development of architectural concept and design

The cooperation with Architecture Department to create the best real estate project concept according to the market demand and modern living standards. Construction Management and Engineering

5 Building Structures Documentation

Providing of Construction Engineering, the collection of data and organizing important paperwork, communication with important Departments. The result is Estate Legal Confirmation and Building Confirmation.

6 Building Engineering

Process of Preparation, Erection and Operation of Constructions. Quality (QC), cost and deadline control, coordination of workers, choosing and hiring the General Constructor.

7 Finding Financial Opportunities

Firstly, it is fundamental to secure the predictable source of funding (financing) for Building Engineering Process. Secondly, it is necessary to provide a framework for lending to build a positive image of company in the eyes of the banks and future customers.

8 Sales Management and Marketing Strategy

Branding and Logo creation. Creation of a brand activation platform (corporate philosophy, brand position, brand attributes, brand promise). Creating of a communication platform (advertising, sales promotion, event activities). Creation and realization of a promotion Strategy and Marketing Activities. Our company is ready to execute a full spectrum of works "on a turn-key basis" in the shortest terms and with the maximal quality.

9 Complete Construction

Control of quality and conformity for operationalization of the complete project. The planned introduction and passing of the commercial property and residential complex to customers.

10 Facility Management

Commercial Facility Management and control on technical exploitation in interest of investors and clients.

We have gone a long way to optimize the communication process with our customers to have a positive feedback

The main aim of VESSAN Invest is a fast reaction on market changes and customer preferences. We base on high profits and results. Monitoring is a part of our business strategy. Actually our professionals provide the statistical surveys and analysis of supply and demand balance for real estate market using the modern survey methods. The most important for us is to find the best offer for our satisfied customers. We are not looking for easy ways, just for first-rate ones. The value chain is based on three the most important components as new services, creative ideas and dialogue with our customers. That combination guarantees the perfect result and satisfaction for our clients.